Establishing Limo Industry Trends

Elizabeth Taylor's White Limo

Patricia Stephenson, CEO and President is the founder of this very unique limousine company. One of her famous clients, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor insisted on a white limousine for their personal appearance. In 1979 there were no white limousines only the traditional black six passenger. Patricia successfully designed a white limousine for Elizabeth Taylor and the rest is history.

State of the Art Interiors

Lincoln Continental white 6 passenger stretch limousine that was made by Carlos Allen. This limousine became the icon for all the famous celebrities and persons in Los Angeles. She decided to design the interior of the limousines without the center bar and jump seats. She persuaded Mr. Allen to follow her prototype and design a limousine with the bar to the side and a complete seat facing each other. He was skeptical with her new plan but made the design. This has become the state of the art interior of all limousines today. She insisted on an extended version to allow for more passengers rather than just six. He then made the limousine stretched to allow for eight or ten passengers. Soon after, this industry adapted her new version of limousines into their service.

Innovation and Service Leaders

Today, Executive Limousine continues to set Limo Industry treads with our exclusive customized Party Buses. We have the best vehicles for all your needs and the best service in Los Angeles. Our professional drivers will provide you with service that is unmatched in the Limo Industry. We have out performed not only as a corporate car service, but as a company with a passion for the safety and comfort of clients.